Regardless of the discomfort and side effects, chemical peels are not going away soon at least till a better choice is produced which can provide the identical outcomes, cheaper, and no side effects. Chemical peels perform by removing the damaged layer of the skin and facilitating the epidermis to create newer layer.

The gentle chemical peel is the most widely used the one that can perform removing fine lines and also environmental sun damage. The ability of the chemical peels to work on the epidermis and take off the skin injury depends on its strength as well as focus therefore does the side effects and discomfort.

Since the title suggests, powerful chemicals are utilized in chemical peels which have the ability to eliminate the layer of the epidermis and hence making way to the newer layer. You might need light, medium or deep chemical peels depending on the depth of the injury your skin is having. You might also need several periods to be sure the injury continues to be removed.

You should consult a dermatologist that focuses on this treatment because the effects are different on various kinds of dermis and also the therapy depends on the thickness of the scars you process. As stretch marks are formed in the deeper layers of the epidermis you must have treatment with deep chemical peels. You may need several sessions of chemical peel for stretchmarks. This is a painful process that might need local anesthesia.

So choosing this kind for treating deeper scars like stretch marks involves plenty of dangers and downsides. The number periods of remedy you should undertake are more. Deep chemical peel may be a painful method. This may also cost you a lot and may sometimes harm your skin rather than healing it. You have to consult a skin doctor before going for a treatment of stretch marks using chemical peels.

There are lots of other techniques that may cure stretch marks with success in different degrees. You can find ointments accessible both for prevention as well as cure which yet again ends up providing mixed outcomes. The are some semi invasive techniques like dermabrasion and micro needling which can also be pursued for therapy for stretch marks.